About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Avantmotion Ltd is a privately held software development company founded in the UK in 2011. We are focused on developing innovative games for mobile platforms (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) as well as for desktops and for consoles. We also offer custom game development services.

Core Values

Avantmotion Ltd. is an truly innovative company. We are growing on a foundation that does not change but use strategies and practices that do. We distinguish our timeless core values from our operating practices and business strategies. Our core values will never change, while our operating practices and business strategies will in response to a changing world. Therefore, we list our core values below. Rest assured our core values will hold years from now:

  • Integrity and commitment to quality
  • Long-term business relationships with our customers
  • Technical excellence
  • Unsurpassed customer care
  • Agile software development
  • Constant learning
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