Crystalines™ is a challenging yet easy to play puzzle game giving you countless hours of entertainment. Crystalines™ sports beautiful graphics, nice animations, relaxing music and sound effects. The game is played on a 9x9 board where crystals of various types appear at random locations. The goal is to remove crystals by forming horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of at least five crystals of the same type. When you form such lines, the crystals in those lines disappear and you gain one free turn. In other words, you can move another crystal. When you don't make the line, three new crystals are added to the board at random locations. The game continues until the board is full. Crystalines™ can be played at three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard with 5, 6 and 7 different crystal types respectively. For every line you make, you get points. Download Crystalines™ and enjoy the game. We would love to hear your feedback at any time. Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook. All details can be found in the About screen of the game.

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