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Squaretron™ is a fast-paced and addictive arcade game where ally and enemy squares fly from all directions. The goal of Squaretron is to maneuver the hero square and catch as many ally squares as possible while avoiding enemy squares at any cost. Power-ups give your various abilities and help you increase your score but watch out for power-downs too.

Squaretron is all about fast moving squares, plenty of squares. The white rotating square is the hero of the game, in other words you, the player. You can move the white square with your mouse. Ally squares are cyan and enemy squares are fuchsia. A collision with an ally square gives you points, while a contact with the enemy square takes your life. You start the game with three lives but you can get more as you progress with the game. How? It’s very simple. Throughout the game, you will see power-ups coming. One of the power-ups gives you an extra life. Speaking of power-ups, there are plenty of them in Squaretron (discussed shortly). Some of them are more useful than others. It’s up to you to decide which power-ups you catch and which you just let go. It’s not always reasonable to chase a power-up. Power-downs do just the opposite. They make Squaretron difficult to play. Avoid power-downs as much as you can. As you keep catching ally squares, your bonus score bar increases. If you manage to fill the bar, you get a bonus score. During the time when you don’t catch ally squares, your bonus bar gets depleted. So, you better act fast. Bonus score is 3,000 points.

You start Squaretron at Level 1, which is rather slow. In every 15 seconds or so a new level begins. Every new level is faster and faster until the game gets really fast. Once you exhaust your lives, the game is over.

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